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Our delicious bread is stone baked; a stone plate retains the heat much better and the base heat of the stone plate is one of the keys for quality. As the baking process starts with very high temperatures, the crust of the bread is baked very quickly and keeps the moisture in the bread. That is the reason why stone oven bread keeps fresh longer without preservatives.

Even the baking of pies with this method is more efficient for crust and flavour, and the meat is cooked to perfection. The quality of the Pies is maintained unlike pre-baked pies kept warm in a pie warmer throughout the day.

Throughout every day customers are guaranteed oven fresh products, right through to closing time.

German Wholegrain Sourdough

German Wholegrain Sourdough
A heavy, moist, dark bread, which is known for it’s flavour; easier to digest and very low GI level. Fabulous with small goods and cheese (or a cheeky dollop of your favourite jam).

German Pure Rye Sourdough
A heavy, moist bread - one of our most popular loaves. Stays fresh for a long time.

Farmer’s Loaf

Farmer’s Loaf
Same base recipe as the French Country Loaf, a classic German best-seller. Very tasty with a smoother crust.

Organic Multigrain
Vienna White
Vienna Wholemeal
Fruit Loaf


Farmer’s Loaf

Low Carb Loaf
Our amazing low carb, high protein loaf is nutritious, delicious and filling; a couple of slices per day could help to curb snacking and comes in at just GI24*.

Preservative free (as is all our bread). Suitable for freezing.

*Varies between GI17-25, the Glycemic Index lists 55 as low. More info:

French Country Loaf

French Country Loaf
The perfect mix of wheat and rye, appealing to the traditional white bread consumer. Healthy and tasty, with a crispy crust.

Sourdough Multigrain Roll

Sourdough Multigrain Roll
Soft Wholemeal Roll
Crusty White Roll
German Kaiser Roll
French Croissant
Bavarian Pretzel

Gluten Free Bread

Gluten Free Selection

Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Yeast Free!

Gluten Free Bread - Plain
Gluten Free Bread - Sunflower & Linseed
Gluten Free Fruit Loaf

Gluten Free Pizza Base - Plain

Gluten Free Sandwiches
Gluten Free Toasted Sandwiches
Freshly made to order

GF Buns
GF Brownies
GF Savouries

GF Organic Steak Pie
Also GF Croûtons, Breadcrumbs,


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