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What our customer's say...

"I'm a coeliac myself (very sensitive!!! I react to the smallest crumble of gluten) and have never had a reaction to any of Baker's Club / Devour produce, this goes for both Ashmore and Robina store. I purchase all my breads and sweets when available from this company and I am very happy with the quality!"

"Thanks, I love your bread. I have buying it for a few years now and recommend it to many of our friends."

"Thank you for such a quick and easy online order – my Melbourne delivery arrived within 1 day – and the low carb, high protein bread is absolutely delicious!! I will certainly be giving both your service and product a glowing review with my fellow Bodytrim dieters on our Facebook page. I will be ordering again, thankyou."

"Got my new delivery today. It is magnificent. Love it love it Love it!!"

"Thank you so much the bread is delicious even more so because low carb and low GI. I did not personally find it too dense and love the seedy texture. I have to live on no more than  25g carb per day and you can never know how wonderful it has been for me to have a cheese  and cracked black pepper on toast, an open sandwich with smoked salom, toast and sugerless marmelade, soup and toast and feel half normal.
I am not an excessive bread eater but there are just those favourites you long for accassionally when the smell of toast drives you half made. Regards, and with so much thanks for not giving up to produce this bread."

"You are guys are fantastic!!! This is my second order with you guys but I think I have found the best bread for me to use for the rest of my life. It is expensive right now but Im hoping with more orders for you guys the price will come down!
Great work guys! It tastes good and healthy as well. Thank you so much once again. God bless you."


"Hi, my order has been received and the bread is fantastic. Many thanks."

"It all arrived this morning and it is truly an amazing product. Well done."

"Thank you so much for my delivery I am LOVING the bread!!"

"I have bought my first 6 loaves of Baker's Club No.1....enjoying them very much, notice a BIG difference in my BS."

"I ordered and received 6 loaves of your low carb bread last week.  I just wanted to let you know that it is the best bread i have ever had.  It is really filling and tastes fantastic.  I was expecting it to taste bland and i really only ordered it out of curosity.  Thank you so much for putting such and exceptional bread on the market.  I now hide it from my family so i can enjoy the lot myself. I will without doubt be ordering regularly from you.  It is worth every cent.  Thank you again."

"Received my order early this morning. The taste is wonderful, congratulations on a top product. Many Thanks."

"The bread has a very unusual taste but nice. Just wanted you to know that I did not take long to get to Tassie and all was good. Thanks again."

"I received my order, thanks so much, and I LOVE the bread!!
I have had trouble with my weight since having my son, 4, and have been searching for a low carb bread during that time because bread is my number one love, and had no luck until I found you, so now I can enjoy it again.
I will definitely be a returning customer.
Just out of curiosity, if I were to be a franchisee or a 'take orders and sell your product' point here in Mackay, what would I have to do? I strongly believe in your product and can see a niche in marketplace for it."


"That is great. I am pretty impressed that you are able to make such great tasting bread with such low carbs. Many thanks."

"Thank you...the bread has arrived and is delicious. I will definitely be a continuing customer...:-)"